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Total Opening Consultants is a Canadian hardware consulting firm that provides architectural opening and door hardware design solutions to architects, designers, and building owners throughout the entire life cycle of the project.

Traditionally, hardware consulting and specifications are completed by manufacturers or distributors of hardware. We focus exclusively on consulting and coordination, without supplying or selling products.  This means we find the options that align with your project’s goals, regardless of the manufacturer.


Architectural Hardware Consultants (AHCs)

Our team of certified Architectural Hardware Consultants (AHCs) have a wealth of experience working on a variety of projects both in Canada and abroad. 

With expert advice, clear documentation, and dedicated coordination, you will be confident that the hardware scope is properly integrated with security, electrical, and other related disciplines.

Our services include writing and maintaining hardware schedules, developing specification section 08, reviewing shop drawings, and more.

Independent, Fee-For-Service Hardware Consulting

Total Opening Consultants was founded because we believe independent, fee-for-service hardware consulting gets the best results and value for the design team.

Hardware suppliers and manufacturers will gladly provide consulting service, but they often have motivations and restrictions that prevent them from providing the same level of service as an independent consultant.

Benefits of Independent, Fee-For-Service Hardware Consulting

Suppliers/Distributors Manufacturers
Consulting Cost
No consulting contract. Ultimately work for the contractor if awarded the supply contract.
Typically not under consulting contract. Ultimately work for the distributor or contractor.
Work as a dedicated member of the design team, usually under contract to the architect.
To specify products that will help them win the supply contract with the highest profit margin.
To increase market share by specifying their own line of products.
To earn repeat business by specifying the best products for the job and providing exceptional support to the design team.
Project Support
Not motivated to provide ongoing help to the design team if they don’t win the supply contract.
Limited flexibility in product selection means they may not specify the best option for the project.
Provide reliable, unbiased support throughout the project, no matter who wins the supply contract.
Liability, Errors and Omissions Insurance
Not available
Not available

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Having a detailed hardware schedule and clear specification is a must for all building projects. At Total Opening Consultants, we go beyond the hardware schedule to coordinate and simplify the hardware scope at all stages of your project.

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