What we do... and how it helps

Independent Hardware Consultants help you save time and money

Door and hardware consulting has typically been performed by manufacturers or suppliers. Total Opening Consultants is different. As independent Hardware Consultants, we take ownership of the consulting role, separating it from supply and distribution.

TOC provides door and hardware consulting services to architects and owners, managing their architectural openings through design and construction to ensure doors and hardware are properly specified, sourced and delivered. The benefits are significant.

Going Beyond Hardware Schedules

Having a detailed Hardware Schedule and clear specification is a must for any door opening project. At Total Opening Consultants, we go beyond the Hardware Schedule and simplify the Division 8 scope at all stages of your project.

Protecting Owner Interests

During the planning stages of a project, the team at Total Opening Consultants works to understand the long-term needs of Owners. With these needs in mind, we provide advice and solutions that ensure owners get the doors, hardware and access control systems what they want.

Reducing Extra Costs

Document coordination is a critical step in our Consulting process. By reviewing and coordinating floor plans, door schedules, life-safety plans and security drawings, we issue a cleaner, more comprehensive door and hardware tender package.

This ensures bidders have the best information possible at tender and reduces the potential for scope gap and costly changes during construction. It also means documents for related trades, like electrical and security, will match as well, so everyone is on the same page.

Ensuring Compliance through Audits and Inspections

Doors and hardware are critically important to the safety and security of your building. In order to get the maximum benefit and best possible performance from your openings, Total Opening Consultants provides a variety of audit and inspection services that ensure openings are operating correctly.

Our commissioning and deficiency reports, fire door inspections and security audits help protect your investment and give you peace of mind, knowing that your openings are code compliant, secure and performing as intended. 

Partnering in Contract Coordination

Total Opening Consultants is your partner in contract coordination throughout the construction phase.

We’ll review shop drawings, door and hardware samples, RFIs and proposed alternates to ensure compatibility with the specifications and design intent. When changes are required, Total Opening Consultants will issue an updated hardware schedule for inclusion with Site Instructions, then review the pricing submitted by suppliers.

You can rely on Total Opening Consultants to save you time, provide advice and help you make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

Empowering our Clients

For decision-makers and staff in the design and construction industry, knowledge is power. We are committed to training and educating our clients through our engaging Lunch & Learn sessions, workshops and product demonstrations. We focus on everything from door and hardware basics to electronic security hardware and accessibility standards.

Have a specific request? Total Opening Consultants will customize a session to fit your needs! Click here to schedule a Lunch and Learn.