Door and Hardware Specification Services

Our goal is to improve the building process by providing professional, unbiased door and hardware consulting at every stage of your project’s life cycle.

We work with you on the initial design and product selection, through the tender specification and construction phases, and even after installation. See below to learn how our consulting services help simplify the door and hardware scope at any stage of your project.

Design and Consultation

Our goal is to ensure building owners get the best door, frame and hardware solutions for their properties. We start at the design stage by consulting with the owner, architect and engineers to define the project’s architectural opening requirements. With these requirements in mind, Total Opening Consultants will present hardware samples and access control technologies that  suit the project’s design intent and budget.

Before creating your Hardware Schedule, our consulting team reviews floor plans, door schedules and details to ensure code and fire labeling requirements have been met.

We also evaluate electrical plans and security drawings so that electronic hardware and security devices are fully and properly coordinated between trades. Any additional code, acoustic or specialty requirements are also incorporated.

This in-depth review of all relevant documents and divisions results in Hardware Schedule and specification package that is fully coordinated and ready for tender.

As your project changes and addenda are developed, we continue to update our Hardware Schedule and specifications so they can be reissued to bidders. TOC also addresses  Requests for Information and assesses proposals for alternate products.

Our input and advice take the guesswork out of reviewing proposals and ensure all parties can make informed decisions.

Change happens, but it shouldn’t slow your project down.When hardware schedule revisions need to be made, Total Opening Consultants will ensure specifications are updated so they can be issued with your change. When suppliers issue their quotations, TOC reviews their pricing to ensure accuracy and value.

Closing the gaps between door and hardware schedules, electrical drawings and other documents means changes are clear and easy for trades to assess – with fewer questions and less potential for errors. We keep everyone on the same page so your project can keep moving forward.

Other Services

After material is installed, our team can lead a full, opening-by-opening Commissioning Inspection, either on our own or with the installer, supplier and contractor present. We verify that the specified material is present, installed correctly and functioning as intended, then create punch lists to track any issues.

We also offer Fire Door Inspections. TOC reviews existing fire doors to identify repairs or adjustments that are required to keep your building safe and ensure the Fire Marshall stays happy.

If you need to brush up on hardware basics or want to see the exciting new technology that is reshaping the hardware industry, TOC’s engaging educational programs can help.

To set up a training session for your team on any door, hardware or access control topic, just drop us a line.